Passages that will not be read at my wedding

I was looking through "Together for Life" this morning, my new favorite book with which J and I will plan the religious portion of our wedding. I was telling him that there are some passages from the Bible that are out as far as I'm concerned when we are choosing what we want read during the ceremony. First of all, the passage that talks about how women need to "be obedient to their husbands," and how you shouldn't "wear gold bracelets" and dress yourself up because that should "be inside," - that's out. The first part for obvious reasons and the second part because I do like to wear, if not gold bracelets, then gold earrings and also cute, sometimes expensive shoes and the like. And you can't put fashion "inside."

I also don't want the passage that talks about how fornication is bad, because first of all, that's untrue, and secondly, I don't think the people at the wedding are mature enough to handle that kind of language without laughing a little. I'm certainly not.

I was listening to the local radio show "The State of Things" on NPR several days ago. The show featured a religious roundtable, during which various leaders of various religious sects talked about issues important to them. One guy, Imam Abdul Waheed, of the Islamic Center of Durham, was talking about how in his religion people didn't stop working or doing anything else on Sunday, because in his religion, the day of the Lord is Friday. He was all into how Friday people should come together and get excited and all, and he read this passage from his religious book of praise that said something like..."And the Lord, and his people, should come together on Friday, and we shall celebrate Friday with our mirth." And I want that read at the wedding.