A log cabin, or tent, would be preferable

The people who make showers - do they make them in an especially convoluted fashion as to trap all the mold in their 483,983 little compartments of hell? Or it that really how they must be built? Because while just cleaning mine, I found the mildew in little pockets and tubs of the door, in all the cracks between tiles, that left me wondering if that design is really the most brilliant. I have today off, and rather than moseying around the art museum or seeing a movie that seem like wonderfully cultural, independent, worthwhile things to do on a day off, I decided to stay home and clean the house. First of all, it's Good Friday and I decided a rather somber day deserved a somber chore. Secondly, not that our house is an absolute pigsty, but we've slacked on the general maintenance, hence the mildew, and a few spots on the rug. That doesn't sound so bad, but when you really get down there, on your hands and knees and all - well, I hate it. I don't have some crazy dillusions that housework should be fun, but I didn't think it would be so bad. We're going to have to keep up better week to week - not let it get to this point - otherwise I'll have to pack up and leave. You think I'm kidding.