Yeah. We sleep in the same bed, suckers!

This morning Josephine and I were engaging in our routine chit chat - "It's windy!" "It's a beautiful fall day!" "It's so windy!" - when all of a sudden I heard myself utter the words, "Yeah, this morning Justin said it rained a little last night..." before I caught myself and with a slight gasp got ready to add the qualifying "I mean, I called him and he said," or "he dropped by and told me," in order to, well, not really lie, but make it seem at least a little possible that the two of us aren't living in sin outright. I like to let whoever it is - the religious or elderly or judgmental person - decide for themselves whether or not we deserve to go right to Hell. But then I remembered we got married. Ha! Married! And I continued on confidently with our always stimulating conversation, "but when I got up, well, it was sunny." And Josephine said, "Yup! I didn't hear the rain!" Two married ladies talkin' 'bout the weather.