Somebody is the first boy of the block when it arrives at one from these vecindarios, and that not always is easy

Sherry, Jess and I finished our Spanish I class this week. I was unfortunately unable to attend the last class (held at a Mexican restaurant) but was still determined to finish with all assignments completed. For one of our assignments - translating several stories from the local Spanish newspaper into English - our teacher, Sr. Victor, said it would be ok to use Babblefish, or other translating tools if we needed to. While I originally thought going that route would be somehow cheating, or at least not the most effective means of learning a new language, upon waking up this morning I decided that having such a busy day ahead of me, as well as a weekend of traveling, I'd better just do whatever got the exercise done the fastest. I still couldn't get over my snobby desire to learn and only used the online translating tool for every other paragraph, if not less than that, but after I while I found the system hysterically ineffective anyway, my rough translations just as good as any it could churn out. Luckily, in addition to the stress I was feeling, I had some good laughs sitting at my desk, typing in Spanish paragraphs, and checking out the result displayed on my computer screen. Kind of like Shakespeare. For crazies.

On a rabid raccoon discovered in Carrboro:

The dog was playing with its owner when I descry to the raccoon near the routes of the train, I attack it frontally and later I cause the death to him.

In the heated duel that maintained, the small animal but did not let emit unrecognizable sounds and showed a very hostile attitude.

Since several cases of the virus have appeared, the Service of antirabic bovine Animals this offering for mascots to very low cost.