Telling the truth as a regular feature, "Hotel California," and more

When I started out on this adventure - just saying what I feel - I didn't intend to launch a campaign against everything I hate. I just wanted to stop being so sensitive to everyone's feelings (individuals and entire groups of people) and remark upon some things I thought were funny without worrying what people would think of me. Like, initially, I thought a great entry would be to talk about how my father, as of late, kind of seems to think he's a black person. I mean, he's not speaking or acting differently or anything like that. He is just really, really into black people, and black history and black art. I mean, my parents have got African American art piling up in the bathtubs at their house (I'm totally serious) because there is no room for it, and don't think my mother has anything to do with this - the truly amazing amount of African American art that's in the house -because, if anything, she's getting annoyed. Not that she doesn't like it, she does, it's just the sheer obsession. My dad, he's got sculptures, and paintings and just, you know, stuff, EVERYWHERE, and not only that, he's got about 50 really large books on African American history and then, well, then there's the fact that he wore head-to-toe Ethiopian gear on Christmas Day (he's got an Ethiopian friend, of course, who sends him this stuff) - oh, and by the way, here's a link to a picture of him with his Ethiopian clothes on standing in front of one of those millions of paintings I mentioned. That's the kind of thing I originally thought I'd write about, but it turned out getting stuff off my chest - railing against the things I dislike - was a lot more fun. Plus, I loved all the comments you guys wrote. And I think, as Tom commented on my last post, I should do it more regularly. Once a week. So stay tuned. Maybe every Wednesday, because honestly, Wednesdays aren't good for much else.

And while I'm still on a roll, I can't stand the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles, I didn't enjoy the movie "Garden State," and that's right, J, Jeff Buckley's music makes me want to puke, especially "Lilac Wine." WHO WRITES A TERRIBLE BALLAD CALLED "LILAC WINE" FOR CHRIST'S SAKE? And I don't care that he drowned in the ocean. Get over it.