Dog language vs. people language (OR: Lost in translation...)

I know that people think it's real, real cute when dogs make faces like this: Swimming?

But the thing is, when you spend all day with the dogs, and the dog in question is making that face because there was a miscommunication, and she thought that when you very clearly said in a very loud voice, "Get the HELL out of here I am trying to work," what you meant was, "Do you want to go swimming?!" and therefore proceeded to cock her head and then prance around from foot to foot like an overweight ballerina, and then twirl around in circle, followed by a flagrant display of French kissing with the Labradoodle just because of the sheer joy of the potential situation, and, of course, the grand finale of grabbing a stuffed dog toy and throwing it into the air before breaking into a chorus of high-pitched, excited whining, well then, actually, it's really not that cute at all.