Getting back in touch with my alarm clock

I didn't write much last week, but it wasn't because I was bored or didn't have anything to say. I didn't write much because, happily, I was working and didn't have any time. Working because, you know, I have a job. A job!

Last week was my first as a writer for, a site that covers news, provides web guides for everything from health to travel destinations as well as features about tons of different people, places and other subjects.

I'm writing for the Behind the Headlines section, which means I find interesting news stories, opinion pieces and background information, and put it all together in one neat package on the site.

The cool thing about writing for a website, besides, you know, being employed, is that I can tell you all about it from time to time here on my blog. I'll write some post about some story I wrote and you'll be like, "Huh, it seems like she's just promoting that website she works for," and yeah, that's exactly what I'll be doing.

My office is in New York City and since I'm still learning the ropes I'm commuting every day, although soon I'll be splitting my time between going to the office and working from home.

Despite the fact that the train ride to and from Grand Central takes up three hours and, to be honest, I'm kind of exhausted, I still love going into the city. I love the rush of people in the train station every morning and every night and I even love stupid things like the fact that I pass two Starbucks on my ten block walk from the train station to the office.

And I can't really complain about the long hours. I spent the last year and a half as a slacker freelance writer and making my own hours meant getting up in the morning was never exactly hard. Because when you make your own hours, you can start at 10 a.m. sometimes - 9 at the earliest.

Now that my first week's over I think I'll be getting into the swing of things and learning how to balance my schedule. That means I'll be writing a lot more about everything going on in our lives, like our upcoming move, and the recent snow and various other adventures here in Connecticut. Soon, who knows, maybe I'll be blogging from the train, just another working person on their way home. I mean, chances are, I'll be sleeping or reading a mystery novel, but you get the point. There are, once again, so many things to write about.