Support "Maria My Love" because you are good people! I know you are!

You are good people who want to promote independent, creative projects. If you weren't that kind of people, I wouldn't adore you the way I do. My best friend Jennifer (do you guys want me to post a picture of us in our first communion gowns when we were six, to prove to you the history and depth of our friendship? Because I will) is currently producing a film in New York City, but the project NEEDS YOUR HELP. Come on, everybody, let's help the brilliant and talented women behind "Maria My Love." Here's a paragraph about the film (that I stole directly from their Web site and I hope it doesn't get me into copyright trouble), which is based on a true story:

MARIA MY LOVE is about a 22 year-old woman who, in an effort to recover from the death of her mother to cancer, sets out on a quest to help people but winds up encountering situations more emotionally and morally complicated than she had expected to find.

You guys are totally intrigued. I can tell. So learn more on the project's Kickstarter site by watching a video and reading a synopsis of the film. The minimum donation is $10. T-E-N bucks! Give 'em 10! Give 'em a thousand! Or, you know, do what you can.