And a moon pie, too

Guys, I didn't plan very well concerning the whole write every day for three weeks thing this afternoon.We met some friends at the Big E, which is, for those of you who haven't heard of it, a fair of extreme proportions. The number of alpacas we saw was enough to blow a person's mind alone. Then there was the food. We all went with the attitude that when you're at a huge fair with cows and pigs and rides and Brett Michaels playing, well, damnit, forget trying to be healthy. Also, I'm pretty sure the most healthy thing I saw for sale was apple pie with cheddar cheese on top, because it wasn't fried.

Nora tried a few things, I'm not going to lie, and guess what? Cheese fries taste better than Cheerios. I know because of the maniacal look my baby got in her eyes when I told her one bite was enough. It clearly wasn't enough OH MY GOD NOT ENOUGH.

The point of all this is that we're on the road and by the time I sit at a computer to write a blog post I'm obviously going to be ready to pass out. Followed by a 3 million mile run tomorrow. To work off, like, a quarter of the calories.