I write a story about sexual fetishes (obviously)

I talk about this a lot, but if you were to ask me what my ideal job would be, I would say columnist. Like, columnist for some hugely popular magazine, you know, "Time" or something like that, or for a major newspaper. I'd write one column per week and everyone would read it and love it and I'd make trillions of dollars. I mean, I'm just sitting here on a snow daydreaming, is there anything wrong with that?

But the other ideal job that comes to mind is being sent to weird events and places, interviewing interesting people and then writing about that. Kind of like Bill Geist on "CBS News Sunday Morning."

I've had the good fortune to get to do just that with my freelancing for the New Haven Advocate lately and wanted to share my latest story. It's on a lecture I attended for Sex Week at Yale. Yale has a "sex week." I know.

Anyway, I went to a lecture by author Katherine Gates on "Deviant Desires." As in sexual fetishes and kinks. Which is, by the way, a lecture rather unlike most I've attended in life.

You can read the story here.