Thinking about

1. The oil spill. Are you kidding me? What's going on now? Top hat? Kill level? What? I've been alternately obsessed with and disgusted by the coverage. And always depressed. 2. All the pollen. Nononono no no no no no no no no. Stop it with my head.

3. This, oh my God, let's discuss this.

4. How J's mom got him an espresso machine for his birthday this year - in fact I'm having one right now - and it's one of the very best presents I've ever received. Um, wait. He's ever received. Because it was his birthday.

5. My life. I've felt a little overly domestic recently. As in, I've already done some vacuuming today and started on dinner for us later (quite a feat as J and I usually eat at 9 p.m.). But...

6. summer goal is to work on doing more writing...and to get paid for it.

7. The pink petunias that I planted out front.

8. Our Memorial Day weekend, which was perfect.