Boobs? You guys want to talk about boobs?

So, honestly, besides making meatballs, which were delicious, one of the real reasons I don't have as much time to write on this blog is that I write on other ones. Which I love doing, except for the fact that blog writing should pay big bucks! Or at the very least it should pay little bucks. And it does not. It tends to pay no bucks. No dollars in the slightest. But at least I'm getting my name out there! Oh man, I am not sick of saying that at all. Oh well. On to the next thing. You guys have seen this, right?



Here's a little something I wrote about all of this on the Motherland blog for

Essentially I just yield to Lisa Belkin's piece in The Huffington Post and say that she can comment better on the whole situation than I ever will, but whatever. I know when to give in, people.