an ode to my friends Manpreet and Tom

Manpreet and Tom rock my world. First, I realize that they are the only two people reading this thing regularly. Second, they just rule, no questions asked.Here are some reasons why: - The Level that Tom and I have invented and used to our advantage, that also can be used to make fun of J endlessly. Because he think's he gets it. He doesn't. -At the recent OBB some of my favorite conversations were had with Manpreet at the end of the night when she'd put on a baseball hat backwards and we were attempting to be "serious" after having roughly 6,000 beers. We often have conversations like this, like about the awesome culture of India, or true love, while plastered. -I am tremendously happy when Tom will be at an event with me - specifically one where something ridiculous might happen and I might need to laugh my ass off. Tom gets me. -Manpreet came to our New Year's party even though she couldn't stay the whole time. Not only that, but she brought me a present. -Both seem to care that not only J, but I, too, show up at planned events. This makes me feel special and amazing. -Both live near my hometown. This means I get to see them a lot.

These are just a few of the incredible things about Manpreet and Tom. Mostly, I'm just happy they have been J's friends and that they are now mine. We are going to have lots of good times in the future. And probably all three of us will be famous.