Ciao Italia

On our last day in Ferrara, J and I decided to stop at a place called Piccolo Bar on a sidestreet on our way into town. The owners, an older couple, sat us right down and in sort of an uncharacteristally very friendly and talkative manner (most have politely taken our order, and remained quiet until we pay) attempted to figure out where we were from, why we were here, and forced us to eat brioches, along with our espresso. We did so, happily. What a lovely ending to such a unique vacation. It is gray today in Ferrara, the first cloudy day since arriving. The day has started well, and I have no doubt the rest of it will be just as good. Upon leaving the little bar and continuing down Giovecca, the main street into town, the couple called out Ciao! Then Au Revoir! We said Arrividerci! Goodbye! we said. Goodbye!