J in the Spotlight

We're out to a very nice dinner with our friends Nate and Jen last night when the unresistable topic comes up - J and my upcoming nuptials. While we haven't nailed down a date or location yet, things like DJ vs. band are being discussed as though we are dealing with a life or death situation. And so we discuss the music. I bring up the fact that I hate it when DJs announce the bridal party or newlywed couple to tones of rap or sports music, as though we are at some extravaganza of tackiness. J mentioned how jazz would be a nice choice and then started rhapsodizing on various songs that could announce various people. He was a good three seconds or so into telling us all that "I want to walk about to something upbeat!" before he stopped, sat back a little dejectedly, looked at me and said, "Wait, I guess we'll be walking out together."