Wine and Birds

Aw, shit. I looked, for the first time, at The Knot website last night and my stomach started feeling real throw-uppy. Now, why in the name of God do they have do many crazy little detailed sections and suggestions on that beloved marriage website, and why in the name of God did I feel a sudden urge to follow all their rules? What if my mother does want to wear the same color dress as the bridesmaids? I didn't realize the plethora of problems that could come about, and we don't even have a date set yet. Furthermore, J and I need to join a church and fast so that when the gracious holy people at whatever church we choose up north say to my parents, "And where do the two intended worship in North Carolina?" they will have at least some sort of (untruthful) response. I went to church Christmas Eve, but besides that, I'm afraid, it had been well, since last Christmas Eve. I swore I wouldn't become one-of-those-people who goes beserk with the wedding planning, but instead plan in a fun, and party-inducing way, and I plan to stick with that. After my moment of stress with the internet and it's strict rules of etiquette when it comes to getting hitched, I looked to J for guidance. "I'm stressed," I said. He sat me down and made me feel better by listening to all such items of stress, and explaining how easily they could be swept away. And I felt better. Besides, aren't we still in celebration mode? New Year's is right around the corner. Ok. Come 2005, I'll be a responsible (but fun and carefree) bride-to-be, but for now, pass the champagne. Hey, my friend Lee called FROM KOREA yesterday to congratulate me on the engagement. You can't beat that. Plus, J and I are just finishing unloading Christmas presents from the car. The holidays still reign. J got binoculars and some books about wild birds. I got a book about wine to place atop my new wine rack. J said we're going to be well informed. "We'll know all about wine and birds," he explained. We sat on barstools in the kitchen after eating dinner I made. We discussed how to rid our lives of stress, and the potential knowledge to be gained on two great subjects. No matter what the experts say, no matter what rules we follow, the wedding will work out just fine.