My Tender Heart: A Friday Morning Tale

J and I, like on many other mornings, spent this one with him pushing the snooze button a nearly unbearable amount of times, and both of us announcing, "I'm going to get up," only to roll back over. But after the showers were taken, and bags packed, I managed to make it into my car at 8:30, leaving just enough time to get to Pittsboro and open the office on time. J, like he promised, walked Mina. They were leaving as I pulled out of the garage, and my precious, tiny, mischievous angel mutt ran over to my open window, jumping - straining with all her might to make it up to my face and jump right in with me. J and I laughed at her, and he pulled her over to the grass to commence the coaxing of the poop. When she immediately rounded her little body and let one fly without the normal provocation of a walk all the way down the cul-de-sac and back, J looked up at me in utter surprise. We could not believe the ease of the task on this brisk morning. I gave J the thumbs up, and drove away. I sipped the coffee he had made us that morning. While driving, it spilled a little because I was using a regular, rather than travel, mug. My messy car became more messy as my boy and dog receded in the rear view window.