I'd like to know more about that soda pop

As I've mentioned, due to the cable package we have here at the house, I watch a lot of Food TV. Not that I'm complaining - it's become my favorite, which is, yes, a little embarrassing. Not as embarrassing, however, as some of the "professions" or "hobbies" I've seen adults voluntarily admit to Food TV with no shame or concern for their reputations. It's quite the contrary - they revel in their boundless knowledge on subjects such as fruitcakes, or hard candy. I was just watching a show where the opinion of a "frozen novelty specialist" was provided. There he stood, blabbering on about the merits of sherbert. Really. How in the name of God does one become a "frozen novelty specialist" is what I'd like to know. I'm sure the guy has a day job, just like the "Victorian era cake expert," but I still wonder how one gets to be such a reknowned expert of sorts that a network finds them and then puts them on the air. I'd like to know. I'd also like to know how one gains the confidence to become such an expert while retaining a sense of cool. "1950's bubble gum you say? Sit down. Have I got some information for you, have I got some information," - totally assured that anyone wants to hear that crap. Food TV "experts", I admire you.