To the people who broke in

Hey, people who broke into my car Thursday night. FIRST of all, yeah yeah, maybe I shouldn't have left my car in an unlit parking lot but it was St. Patrick's day and I'm telling you, I did the right thing by not driving home. The reward for my good behavior was the big hole in my back window and glass all over the seats. The nice police man told me that people who break in usually are just looking for "quick" stuff but come on! Two David Bowie CD's?? Man, I LOVED those CD's. Was it really worth it? My guess is no. I'm over it now - the window is fixed and I've learned my lesson, but as a result I had to take J's Saturn to D.C. this weekend. He's got kick-ass satellite radio, and so on the way home I was really getting into "The Globe" by Big Audio Dynamite, a song I haven't heard in years, and because I got so into it I missed the 85 exit and was stuck on 95 all the way to US 64 all the way to Raleigh. That's no fun, punks, and when you get down to details, it's your fault. I just got home and am tired and cranky but I'm going to have some wine, and take note: I really hope you're enjoying that David Bowie. You better the hell enjoy that. That's some damn good music.