Memories of a seldom joker

I was thinking this morning that it might be funny to try and fool the two or so people who regularly read this by saying something about the wedding being off or J having taken another lover, but where's the fun in that, huh? "The wedding's OFF!" Not funny. It's hard to really get people on April Fool's day in a way that is actually fun for all persons involved. My freshman year, Erin and I posted up signs on the girl's bathroom on our floor, stating we'd dropped our sea monkeys in the shower. We had sea monkeys, so the trick was a good one. But if you really think about it, who cares? Sea monkeys never live beyond the stage of being the size of tiny pinpricks anyway, right? Plus, wouldn't they have just been flushed down the drain by the shower? The great thing was - people noticed, and didn't like it. Girls were worried about showering with sea monkeys. That was a good joke. The fact that those same sea monkeys died just after or right before the joke - I can't remember - at the hand of some evildoers watching them for us for the weekend (who gets a babysitter for sea monkeys?) who then tried to save them from the tile dormitory floors with a teaspoon - makes the memory slightly bittersweet.

Another good one was when I called my little brother from a friend's house when he was 9 or 10 or so and very into building replicas of the Titanic and collecting Native American kachina dolls and told him he'd won an art award. This was believable as the kid was and is a great artist. I disguised my voice and started asking him a bunch of questions, like how old he was and where he got his inspiration. Then I asked how his bowel movements were, and he hesitated only a second before he muttered, "Um, fine...?"