dear blog i got a tinsy bit drunk

dear Blog,tonight, anna,milloni, jen, derek and i decided to celebrate jen's first semester of law school being over. we drank drinks, talked the talk. one thing we did also was to play twister, which is exquistite once you've had a few!!

a few things.... tom - LEVEL 14 BABY!!!!

j - you are not on the level but i love you.

the thog is , who knows what??? i wont' do this agai9n but i feel the need to yell some throw downs.

anna says - can i get a god damn????

milloni says - i WILL make out w/cara for 500 bucks!!!

derek - i love lamp.

jen - sex and drugs, baby, sex and drugs.

thank you for listening. i promise this will be the only and last post.

just a note to my audience. = i know there are only about 10 of you, but thank you so much for readinging my writing. it emans mopre to me than you could ever know. i'm totally serious, despite all the wine.

xxoooxoxoxoxox cara maria