Move "censor," left click

Yesterday my father sent me the link to the blog of one of his friend's daughters. He'd been forwarded the information by his friend, and kindly passed it along. It was a very interesting blog, and I liked reading it, and told my father so, and then explained to him over email that his very own daughter had a blog that he never read and he better the hell read hers before pimping out other people's daughter's blogs. He replied, "Sweetheart, I can't open hers, and I can't open yours."

He and I have been over this numerous times. He doesn't seem to understand what, exactly, my blog is, and how to access it on a daily basis. I position the link so it's highly visible on the page and tell him to click on it with the sensor. My father, since his very first time on the computer, has referred to the mouse as the "sensor." I told him to do so again.

This time, he replied, "When I put the censor there. There is no open sign."

I forgive him, because he is teaching me about stocks and bonds, and is buying all the liquor for the wedding.