Why I haven't been writing

Yesterday I spent a good deal of the late afternoon trudging from store to store getting sweaty with my frizzy hair stuck to my face looking over various collections of envelopes to try and do the impossible - find a fit for our strangely-sized save the date cards which are going out late anyway, so add that to the stress. It is at points like these, lately, or while looking at the never-ending sea of white trash bags in our carport, or the television with a chewed up cord that I said I'd get fixed sitting in the back seat of my card amongst the clothes, some for goodwill and some I'd like to keep, that I think perhaps I should control the situations and not let the situations control me.

In order to do so I "didn't have time" for other things and that's when I realized that perhaps the full nature of being busy doesn't rest in having too much work and no time for anything else but making sure the stress-reducing activities fall right in line with the stress-inducing activities.

Therefore I plan to write more often. Stay tuned for Cara and Justin and the adventures in Catholic marriage preparation including a discourse on cervical mucus.