A fine start to the day

This morning as I prepared myself for a busy Tuesday I began thinking about how I was going to talk less and do more, for instance, instead of complaining about the hectic nature of day to day life and getting bogged down in the specifics of wedding-address-list upkeep, I would try a little harder to fill my life with things important to me, but also things of a relaxing nature. Like getting a haircut when I really need one and taking up a membership at the NC Museum of Arts again. Networking. Going on dates with my betrothed often, not only when we have a rare free evening. I was thinking this during the always rushed morning routine, the clock ticking as I brushed my teeth, untangled my wild mane of hair and washed my face. I was just getting to feel pretty cocky about what a splendid existence I was going to lead when I realized that in the process of performing the above mentioned rituals I had spit into my cupped hands full of fresh water that I then, without thinking, raised to rinse the soap off my face. As I splashed my face with what I suddenly confirmed was spit water I came down a few notches to a more humble reality, threw on a dirty t-shirt and jeans and made my way to work.