Online diary, that's what a blog is

Dear Blog,Happy birthday America! Today I baked like a domestic goddess should! I made brownies, blueberry cobbler, and a nice dent into two bottles of wine with my friend Jen! Things are great, Blog. Despite the fact that I keep creating to-do lists with 10 plus items, things that are never going to be done in one day, much less the week, I am starting to realize that stress, Blog, stress is a piece of shit. Screw that! Here's to Sam Adams Summer Ale! Here's to grilling out! I'm 27 this year. It's my least favorite birthday, and my most favorite time. Oh, Blog! That's confusing, isn't it?! LOL :) What I mean is that the birthday...well, it was pretty anti-climatic. I mean, 25? That was a fuckin' party! 26? A calm year, but exciting, nonetheless. 27? That's the age where you start freaking out about how you haven't made a lot of money, or lived a life of moral ambiguity, or all of the above! However, I am getting married. And I do have the best friends in the world, so it's not that bad!!! What I mean is...oh, Blog! What I mean is, I'm really happy. Tipsy? Sure, a little! But things are going great! Maybe I've got some things to figure out, Blog. But...really, they couldn't be better. I do a lot of fun things. I've got a lot of fun friends. And I'm getting married to my dream guy. Btw, Blog, tomorrow I've got to work, and I probably won't feel that great. You know what I say to that? Screw it! Here's to the summer of 2005! Here's to America, independence, summer ale, friends, beaches, birds, secrets, lovers, minnows, sharks, dolphins, and horseshoe crabs. Here's to's to life. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!