HOT! For the parties!

I hit the snooze button and rolled over in bed this morning only to sit bolt upright and think, "Damnit, it's crunch time." I got out of bed, let the dogs out and put on some sweaty gym clothes that had been lying on the floor because there is less than one month - way less - until the all-important first dress fitting when I better like the way I look because that is the body they're gonna mold that fabric to and that is the body I shall try to maintain until October 8.

Perhaps more importantly, that is the body I'm gonna shake at the longest stretch of parties I've ever had planned in row in my life.

While I have admittedly remained very collected (in public) about the wedding planning (i.e. "Everything is really almost done. It's been so easy!) the honest to God truth is that it's becoming a really nervewracking experience because while yes, most of the important things are done, all the minor things that aren't done are becoming ever more important because it - the event - is only three months away. Honeymoon? Unplanned. Gifts for all those important people to be handed out over tears and laughter at the rehearsal? Haven't even thought about it. Shoes? I have to wear shoes?

That's where the parties come in. This must be the age old reason why parties often precede weddings: Because if they didn't, the people involved would suffer at least minor to intense nervous breakdowns and then there'd be gossip. And we all know negative gossip surrounding a wedding is the worst.

So basically how it's gonna be is I'm gonna force myself out of bed in the early morning to work out my body and soothe my mind and try to achieve a rockin' bod before the fitting but more importantly the parties and then I won't care so much how many little details there are to iron out because I'll be casually lounging by a pool with a rum drink in my hand wearing a bikini with absolute confidence.