Summer reality show update

1) The thing about Josh is he isn't really that "average," is he? It says right there on the website that Anna calls him handsome. Furthermore, the guy can kiss. I watched those two making out last night and he's got moves. So I'm rooting for him because I love him but if he walked into a bar I'd think he was cute, not average. I would never just sit there and call people average, by the way, based on their looks because I'm not mean like the networks. 2) Speaking of the networks, I cried last night when the promo for "The Biggest Loser" came on. They've played that particular promo, the one where the guy talks about how he used to be a wrestler, not fat, about 536,982 times and finally, it got to me. Are you happy NBC? You made me cry. Reference the above. Networks = mean.