Countdown: One month, one day to go til the wedding

J.A.M. - I'm going to wear a suit to that party for us this weekend. C.M.R. - I need to get something new.

J.A.M. - Why?


J.A.M. - I think you should wear that white dress with polk-a-dots.

C.M.R. - Can't.

J.A.M. - Why?

C.M.R. - It's after Labor Day. Can't wear white.

J.A.M. - What? That's RIDICULOUS. I mean, I've heard of that, but who makes up these rules?

C.M.R. - It's not ridiculous. It's fashion.

J.A.M. - How do you know when it's ok to wear white again?

C.M.R. - Memorial Day.

J.A.M. - Oh my God.