I'm getting fat and leading an unproductive life.

Monday night J and I went to our first electronic music show and it was incredible. We saw LCD Soundsystem, which consisted of an entire band, and not just some guy with a synthesizer, as well as movie screens above the stage depicting various seemingly drug-induced images that were really just real-time shots of the band members as they totally got down. I actually was worried before the show. I asked J, "Hey, is everyone going to be doing ecstasy? Am I going to see every hipster I've ever met in North Carolina?" He assured me that, no, there'd be no drugs, more like "nerdy computer guys." I asked all these questions because I was cranky. I was tired and knew we'd be up late and I felt that I'd rather spend that quality time focusing on my inadequacies as a human. So I laid on the couch while poor J tried to soothe me. I blathered on about how my clothes were tight and how I had not done one important thing that day. It was quite an unattractive state, I'm sure, but my loving husband simply snuggled up next to me on the plaid fabric and told me I was important. When one is in a mood such as I was Monday night the best thing that can happen is for someone that person loves to sit down with them and listen, but not judge, even if the complaints, uttered in serious and dramatic tones, often accompanied by tears, delve into the "I just want to eat tons of ice cream, I just want to but I can't," or the "I'm sitting here, watching TV when I could be doing so much more so much MORE," realm. I'm enjoying being a newlywed. Sweet words of love and rockin' concerts. When we got to the show I discovered I was right. Every supercool individual I'd ever known, all with jagged haircuts and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans in their hands, was there. We also quickly encountered two sexed up music lovers locked in a passionate make-out session. "See," I said knowingly. "I told you there'd be ecstasy here."