Share the gift of a radio dedication with someone you love, or someone you've hurt horribly, this holiday season

You know Delilah? Yeah you do. Well, I was listening to her last night in my car because my cell phone was dead and the only thing I love more than to talk on my cell phone while navigating my way home is to listen to someone as awful as Delilah. She's awful. With her dedications. And her questions. She's always questioning everybody, as though they haven't been through enough, what with their high school sweetheart not returning the romantic feelings the caller had some 45 years ago! She's all "Howard, how did that make you feel, HOW DID IT MAKE YOU FEEL? Bad? I thought so." And then she puts on Richard Marx like everything's totally ok. Last night she was addressing the listeners in general when I caught her. "Have you started your wrapping yet?" "No, Delilah." "Ooooo have you even started your shopping yet?" "No. I haven't." Back and forth, back and forth, until I realized she wasn't a very good friend and changed the station. I kind of feel guilty, talking bad about her like that when she's so beloved and obviously makes some people feel very good about their radio requests, sent out to loved ones, but honestly, I just checked out her site and she looks pretty damn content, and rich, so I'm not too worried about bringing her down a few notches. That's the power of internet publishing.