New Year's Resolutions

1) Maybe lay off listening to "Gold Digger" by Kanye West, like, maybe lay off the cocktails that might lead myself to believe that everyone wants to hear it for the 500th time that night, although, honestly, people were getting down. Myself included, which led to this throbbing pain in my quads, soreness from getting so low with my fellow girlfriends, over and over. Perhaps the repeated screaming of things like "Who wants to DANNNNCEEEEE?" "C'mon girls, dance with meeeeeee!" and, oh yeah, then getting on the coffee table with some people, means that I need to work on calming down a little bit this year, after all, 28 is right around the corner. The aftershock of the evening, mostly the sore legs, leads me to believe, furthermore, that I need to get back in shape, because legs being this sore after simply dancing is just not acceptable. Of course, that's what New Year's Eve is for. That sort of behavior, right? That sort of behavior, which will never, ever be seen again in the new year. That's what you're thinking. "C'mon new year. COME TO ME. I'm ready to get serious! But first I'm going to make a complete fool of myself so it's WORTH IT. Ha! Don't believe me!? Just watch. WATCH!" 2) Everything else.