Weekend: A Recap

Saw a commercial for this and got excited about trying it out. Really got psyched. Bad. Really pathetic. Bad. Bad. Went to a party and talked to friends about how I can't wait to have children some day. Fast forward 1 hour: dancing, belting out "Sweet Home Alabama" in living room. Jumping up and down.

Learned about ways to help prevent pollution in our streams, lakes and rivers (like this) at an informational session Saturday in a cozy home with a very gracious hostess. Drank coffee while it rained outside. Continued to think more about how we treat our environment, our people and animals. Been thinking about things like this.

Tried to understand football for the 47,652nd time. Failed.

Marveled at the lyrics to "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas ("What u gonna do with all that ass?/All that ass inside them jeans?"). Does this mean I am getting older? Because I really couldn't believe this either.

Drank wine with old friends.

Did none of the things on my to do list.

Dreaded Monday.