Magic broomsticks? We don't need no stinking magic broomsticks!

Recently J has been wondering about some pretty heavy things, like, "What if Quidditch was real?" After years of declaring he had no interest in the Harry Potter books, he's been devouring them with the vigor of a 10-year-old boy and asking as many questions (see above). He took it to a new level when he disclosed to us that he was going to find a way to make Quidditch real, i.e. use motorized flying vehicles instead of broomsticks, etc. I told him I was sure some youngster was already cruising ahead on that one, and he told me, no, they're not, because he'd looked it up on Google. No one's making real Quidditch yet.

Here's a list of the things J's expressed interest in making on his own over the years: walking sticks soda coasters birdhouses a lamp a real live Quidditch game

He made the coasters. So I think we are well on our way.