Recently I've become slightly obsessed with the idea of becoming more technologically savvy. There are some things that have prompted this desire. For instance, J has had to show me how to use the iPod shuffle more than once even though there are only three settings. Most of my technological aspirations, however, relate to this very website. While my ultimate goal is to have my own dot com or org, free from ties to a blogging site, I thought I'd try, first, to change my URL because, let's face it, I'm not 26 anymore. I brought this up to J and he said it didn't matter - that the address was funny. But I want accuracy. I want recognition.

What I wanted was but alas, when I tried to republish this site to that address was told it was not available. This annoyed me to no end because if you go to that proposed site address there's nothing there. Try it. You'll see.

Instead of moving onwards in my quest, I moped around for a bit and decided to see who else had set out into the blogging community as I had, proudly stating their age as though it would never change. I found this and way more intriguing, this. Good God.

For now I'll stick with my web address and should it ever change I'll let you know. Because when I'm say, 30 or so, twenty six years just isn't going to cut it anymore. You'll say, "Who are you trying to fool?" and I'll have to explain over and over again that I just don't have the "skills. I lack the skills, people."