Monday haikus (on Thursday)

By Eric Blogging is easy. You write whatever you want. Even on Mondays, too.

The dog barks freely. Something is not right for him. Must need his walking.

Daughter learns to read. So much for reading captions. Bad words are easy.

By Chappy

East coast birds chirping Pacific waves in my head Just took the red-eye

No Wilco Two mini-break-ups The quote list!

By Jeff

What could that smell be? I don't know I can't tell you. Oh I hope it's food.

Girls are the devil. You can hate me if you want. I like the devil.

What a bad haiku. Don't even read this poem. You are now dumber.

haikus are quite fun. It's much more fun than i thought. Gotta love haikus.

By Tom

Jeff writes good haikus He makes me laugh in each verse I wish I wrote good

By Mother of 3 Guys Haikus not easy My boys wrote pretty good ones Mom needs writing school.