She says "No one will ever hear of this conversation, ok?" and then proceeds to write about it on her blog

"If you could pick three characters from Harry Potter, past or present, to have lunch with, who would they be?" "Well...I think Harry, Hermione and Ron, actually."

"That's what I was going to say! Because it would be so much fun to see them interact. Ok, if you had to pick three characters besides Harry, Hermione and Ron, who would they be?"



"...and...Hagrid, maybe?"

"That's awesome. I wouldn't have thought of Sirius. Not sure if I would have picked him though."

"Yeah, he's a little much."

"What if you had to pick three characters to go drinking with?"

"Easy. Hagrid, Fred and George."

"Yeah...I don't know if I'd pick Hagrid...I mean, he'd partake and all, but I don't know...I'm thinking Lupin, maybe Tonks..."