Who, me? A big liar?

Recently I wrote on this blog that, as a promise to my readers (and myself), I would write "one post every weekday (at least)" and then I promptly threw that promise on the floor and stomped on it. Let it get dirty. Like it didn't even matter. But the thing is it does matter. It matters for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that I tend to be a rather weak person in the face of a temptation. For instance, yesterday, once I was was granted an afternoon off, I spent it on a shady restaurant patio with good friends drinking margaritas and meeting fellow porch-drinkers, who'd just gotten married, and by the way, had the Pietasters play at their wedding. Pretty sweet. The point is, though, that I didn't spend that suddenly free time at home cleaning the mold out of the smoothie maker we used last week.

One of my goals, as a semi-new, somewhat-grown-up who thinks about things like buying a home, is to do things I say I'll do, whether or not there is a more tempting option - and that goes for everything from paying the bills to, yes, writing on this blog.

Not that I'm going to shirk all impulsive notions. Balance is important.

The other reason is that, as a dear family friend and writer once told me, the key to becoming a good writer is to "write every day." What I think he meant was, you'd better the hell write every day if you even think for a moment you could possibly be good enough to be called a "writer," because honestly, practice is all you can do - but I got the picture. And remembered it always. And despite the fact that my job does involve writing every day, I see no reason to stop there, especially since I'm not about to write in the newspaper about how all those margaritas prompted me to give full demonstrations of how J likes to fall asleep with his contacts in, or talk all about my newfound love of getting a bikini wax.

That, friends, is what this outlet is for. Stay tuned. I'm going to try. For you, for me, for my grandmother, who now reads this and is probably wishing she'd never stumbled upon it, I'm going to try.