Ann takes a jab at widows!

I'm going to stray from my normal policy of not discussing politics on this blog (because I would become unstoppable, and what's more, unruly, and you guys don't want to read lengthy, unruly posts, I know you don't) and ask if anyone was fortunate enough to catch the always charming Ann Coulter on The Today Show this morning, publicizing her new book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism. While I don't have a clip of the Matt Lauer interview just yet, I can tell you that I was pretty close to losing it on the television set. Just clawing at her. I know this is coming from the other side - the "Godless" side - and could be construed as un-trustworthy advice, but from the bottom of my heart, Conservatives, you might want to distance yourselves from this woman. She's, um...she's nuts, guys. I know this isn't news to you or anything, but seriously - I'd maybe stage an "accident" - I mean, a non-harmful one, because I'm not for violence or anything. Maybe some sort of spa-incident, like a bad highlighting job. But get her out of the public eye. There are elections coming up, people, and she is crazy. She. Is. Crazy.