My old/new best friend

I'm pretty good about keeping in touch. Especially with people I like. And there's nothing better than receiving a random email or phone call from the past - someone who Googled your name and just wanted to say hi. I have some great friends from college. Soon after we graduated we initiated a yearly get together over President's Day and swore we would always keep the holiday free (because, honestly, what else are you going to do on President's Day? Freeze your ass off and hope your boss gives you the pointless day off? I thought so) to spend time with one another at a destination of our choosing, usually someone's apartment or house, although we've talked about going somewhere nice and tropical and warm one of these years.

I have another friend from college who I hear from quite a bit, but the interesting thing about this friend is that we were never really great friends in the first place. Did we maybe have a drink together once or twice? Maybe. And I mean that - maybe. I'm not really sure. Because, you know, we weren't best buds. What I am sure of, however, is what this individual has been up to since graduating - from her jobs to her living arrangements - because she emails me, and about 500 of her other BFFs from college and God knows where else, whenever something happens. I find this both odd and heartwarming.

Needless to say it was no surprise when I saw an email from the girl in my inbox this morning. "Ah, I wonder what my old chum, who I haven't seen in years and didn't see much when we went to school together, either, is up to," I thought. Turns out she's moved to the Bahamas and is renting an apartment with guest accomodations.

Not only did she want to fill us all in, she wants us to come visit. She really does. I know, because she wrote it: "I've leased and moved into a two-bedroom apartment. It's beautiful and I love it. So this means, for all of you guys, that I officially have a guest bedroom. PLEASE come visit me!!!!"

Check out the part where she uses caps and four exclamation points to express how much she wants me to come visit. Me and the 7 trillion others on her email list. Well, why the hell not? "Hey girl, what's new! Actually - scratch that - I totally know what's new with you! Guess what???!!!! I'm COMING TO VISIT!!!! Yeah. Tomorrow. Cool? Get out the rum and save me a spot on the beach! What? Who is this? Cara. Remember? Remember, you know, that time, we had a few drinks. Boston? It's been years!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't kept in touch!"