Television standards, low

Our friends often talk about the good shows they watch, like "Lost" and "The Sopranos." Since there are some excellent options out there, it worries me slightly that J and I, who never get addicted to any tv shows, who are never able to follow a series unless it is delivered to us, disc by disc through our Netflix account, have actually started following a couple shows enough that we know what's going on, namely "Last Comic Standing" and "America's Got Talent." What these shows are, basically, are shows for people who, if they were really good enough, would already be on the fast track to Hollywood, or Comedy Central, or in some cases the mental institution, but a nice one, with a weekly talent show.

The thing is, not only do we watch these shows, but we get into them, becoming angry when our favorite contestants are treated unfairly, and making commentary on the performances. We judge, and we judge harshly, and before too long we're judging beyond necessity - we're gawking at David Hasselhoff, and what appears to be his continually drunken behavior, and we're wondering, as I asked tonight, what exactly the point is.

"You know, if these people really had talent, wouldn't they already be famous?"

"Yeah, I mean, if you're really great at something, someone will find you."

"Right. Except for me, though, whose talent is yet to be discovered."