On productivity

As you can see, I've changed a few things on my blog. Ok, so I had some help. After sitting down with Mike for a couple hours last week and learning about FTP servers and stylesheets I finally started to understand, at least a little, how to work on this thing. Now, here in Maine, I discovered that Nick, who put together Buffalino's site, is another source of expert knowledge. He helped me make the site look more like what it is, I think - the blog of someone who thinks it's (sometimes, and lovingly) amusing to make fun of her husband's birdwatching habit, rather than a site that is actually about birdwatching. That's just one of the excellent things that's happened in the short time we've been here. This morning Jennifer and I retreated upstairs for a few hours to work more on the screenplay while the boys played upstairs. Our work was punctuated constantly by rapid drumbeats, and often by somebody calling the dogs (LUCY!!!! CECILLLIIIAAAAAA!!!!!) because they like to run away every hour or so. We joked that we'd come to a "very calm" place to work, but in all honesty, it's a great atmosphere. We're trying to motivate ourselves with a general rule - we can't do anything fun until we reach our writing goal for the day. Yesterday it was lobster rolls. Today, for me, it was a long, hot shower. We work, we get the reward. Luckily the work is fun, too. Jennifer's taken to wearing this Russian hat made out of fur and calling it her "working hat." The kind that my dad likes to collect and then leave around, just begging his children and their friends to put it on while drinking wine. Drinking wine that he bought. Listen. If you're going to leave Russian fur hats and wine around, people are going to find them, and use them.