To my favorite 69

When you have a blog, you have a new method of stroking your ego - like the MySpace comments and cell phone text messages we all wait for impatiently, considering those communications the truest compliments of the modern age - and that is counting the hits received on that blog every day. If I really didn't care who, or how many, were reading I wouldn't put a hit counter in place and check it as frequently, looking for a certain level of approval, but as we've discussed, I'm interested in the general public reading what I have to say, especially now that I have no job and need this venture to reflect, at least somewhat, my merit in this world. As I'm not a technological genius (in fact, my technological knowledge is basic, at best) I have no real way of knowing what are good methods to get more people to read an online diary. I mean, come on, my parents don't read it, so how am I going to get perfect strangers to start up? A little bit of pornography, maybe, tucked in amongst the tales of nights out with my friends? Being discovered while walking down the street, like a supermodel? Begging? Posters? Press conferences?

Ok. Seriously, I joke and exaggerate about my readership, but in all honestly I absolutely love it when people are reading because sometimes writing about the very normal and seemingly boring things I observe is absolutely my favorite thing in the world. And when people are interested in reading what I write, it makes it that much better. A lot better.

So when I discovered I had 69 unique visitors (separate individuals who checked my blog) generating well over 100 hits yesterday, I decided that I should thank them for reading, because at this point in my life, their reading makes me very happy. Makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. Sure, in the whole, entire, well-read internet, 69 is no landslide, but it's certainly encouraging. Thank you, people, for letting me write about my dogs too much and allowing me to dare think that you might be interested in the nonsense my husband and I talked about the other day, or the life of leisure I'm currently living, thank you for reading that and then coming back for more.