Vader worth the drive

This weekend J and I drove to Atlanta to see our friends and spend some quality time with one another in this car. That's what I said to justify the semi-long drive (5 or 6 hours depending on traffic and whatnot) - that besides getting to catch up with good friends, we'd get to spend the entire car ride talking and just being together. We'd make a lot of pitstops and have a really great time. The thing about car rides, however, I always seem to forget when planning these trips, is that, inevitably, all you do the whole time is check out the mile markers and complain that "it cannot possibly be that far away, it just can't." That, and eat way too many gummy bears. Having gummy bears in the car is just bad news for me, because I look at them, and think about how little are harmless they are, and the next thing you know I've had about 100 gummy bears and am slouched down in the seat complaining that my stomach hurts and vowing to never eat them again. I never learn, though.

Luckily, seeing our friends alone was, of course, worth the drive. That, and having Joe introduce us to this video on YouTube.

Lest you think I'm spending my non-working days watching funny videos, just know that earlier I made lasagna and then cleaned up the whole kitchen.