My thoughts: celebrities

I don't view myself some universal judge of mankind, and I'm certainly not knocking the Baldwins, or Jesus, or seemingly-bogus-online-ministries, but just what the hell does he think he's up to? J and I have heard the newly devout Stephen on a couple talk shows recently and all I can do is lean my head back and groan and ask, "Are you serious?" (And by the way, is this site for real? Because not only do I spot a glaring spelling mistake, but also see that the young Baldwin enjoys "daydreaming about Heaven." What? What?!) On the other hand, to answer a question in the comments, I loved the Suri Cruise spread in Vanity Fair. I know it's just a baby, and the public shouldn't be so interested in celebrities and their personal lives, but it's a famous baby and at this point in my life I'm not going to try and give up celebrity gossip. Anyway, I picked up Cervante's Don Quixote the other day and have started reading to better my intellect, so I deserve the gossip magazines.

Finally, I'm sure you guys have seen the Head On commercial and I hope you have also seen the newest version, where a man appears at the corner of the screen mocking the catch phrase, "apply directly to the forehead," and explaining just how annoying the ad is, but that the product is amazing. We love it. Not that "Head On," has anything to do with celebrities, but it is gaining it's fair share of fame. You can watch the original commercial here, although I'm not sure why you'd want to do that.