A shout out to Rosemont, and the amazing women who went there

I had one of those great moments with my parents recently - like when the family is all at some social event together and somebody who's been talking to me walks right up to them and says something along the lines of, "I've just been talking to your WONDERFUL daughter," and I just sit there and silently thank this new friend for reminding my parents and brother, too, just how awesome I am. My mother recently held a Rosemont College alumni event at the house. She and other Rosemont alums got together and talked about the school and, it just so happens, my name came up. Why? Because the Chair of the Rosemont Board of Trustees had, it just so happens, Googled my mom's name and discovered my blog. And apparently liked it and, naturally, told my parents.

Who, I'm sure you recall, don't read my blog. Never have.

So when my mom told me that this great woman had come across my blog and actually enjoyed reading it, I had one of those smug moments, just looking at them, and asked, "So are you going to start reading now?" and, of course, they replied, "Yes!" but I'm pretty sure there's not a chance in Hell that's actually going to happen. It's too bad, too, because when I'm talking to my father on the phone, and every little thing I say, in his eyes, is a possible story idea ("So, I was checking my email this morning and -" "Cara! Column idea! Email and young people! The implications of modern technology in a modern age!") I always feel the need to remind him that I do, in fact, write almost every day about something that interests me. It's just that most of the time, the stuff that inspires me to write isn't always worthy of a Pulitzer or anything, the point being - I don't care. If people on boards of trustees of this nation's highly-ranked liberal arts colleges are entertained, I think I'm doing ok.