A decent start, a quick decline

This morning, Election Day, started out well. A rainy day, but I like the rain, as it gives me all the more reason to stay inside, turn up the thermostat and be "very very productive." After J and I got coffee (a hazlenut latte for me - what a great start, really!) and I dropped him off at work, I went to vote. Although the races aren't as interesting here in North Carolina as they are in other states, I still wanted to fulfill that all-important duty and felt good about doing so. I then came home to get to work (since I'm covering a county election for the Chapel Hill Herald I'll be going into the office tonight, and thus, decided to work at home during the day) and the downfall of all my good intentions began when I signed into a variety of chat programs, plus email accounts, and had communicated with roughly 20 people before 10 a.m. (and more importantly, before I'd written even a modest amount of a story I was working on).

Next thing you know I'm eating leftover Halloween candy on the couch and have, disastrously, discovered the iMovie program, which, people, allows me to do things like upload movies of Mina and set them to music. To music!

My awesome plans for the day included, too, some sort of meaningful and lengthy blog entry, because I figured after quickly typing up a few pieces I'd have plenty of time to work on the personal essay format I've very-near-perfected here on my website. Alas, this was not to be, so I give you this, which isn't that lengthy, but that gives you more time to watch TV. And as for meaningful: I hope everyone voted today.