On being rejected and putting it all in perspective

Over the past few weeks, when motivated, I've been cleaning up some of the things I've written, including some posts from this blog, and submitting them for publication. For instance, I've submitted an edited version of this piece to a couple magazines.

So far I've only received rejections, but not to fret, I forge onward. Sometimes I forward on the rejections to my parents, so they can share in my rage. After doing so last week, I received the below mock news article from my father, reminding me that a) he should have his own blog and b) not to get too sappy or anything, but fame...fortune...it doesn't really matter because I've already got the best fan base I could ask for.

Sat, Nov 18, 2006 From: Fred Rotondaro To: Cara McDonough Subject: Article on rejections is rejected

A witty and fun filled article on being rejected by rising star Cara McDonough was rejected today by The Writer magazine.

"It was of course a disappointment" McDonough said, "But these things happen as you make your way to the top."

McDonough went on to quote her writing philosophy: "Fuck the editors. Full steam ahead."

Historians of journalism note the similarity to McDonough's comment in 2005 when asked to postpone her wedding because of drenching rain and the Annapolis boat show.

"Fuck the boat show," she said. "I'm getting married."