Here comes the holidays

For the past few days I've been hanging out in the cozy McDonough house here in Connecticut, eating a lot of turkey (and eating a lot in general), watching movies and hanging out with family, so I haven't written much since I figured you all were doing the same thing. After all, what good are the holidays without a brief, at least, break from the old computer? Of course, there will be stories after we return home, especially since J's 10 year high school reunion is tonight. I'm rather looking forward to this event, because, unlike my own, I won't have to deal with catching up with people I used to know, and trying to make my freelancing "career" sound all that amazing. I'll just be a casual observer. A casual, cocktail-drinking observer.

Then, tomorrow, we'll attempt a drive back to North Carolina - we'll see how that goes - and upon returning to the cinderblock cottage will commence our own version of the glorious holiday season, including, maybe, a Christmas tree, certainly a few parties, and planning a little New Years event of our own.

Despite the last minute shopping and inevitable weight gain and the chill in air, I love this time of year. All the insanity and arguments and late nights that usher in a bright new day in the form of January 1, when we are maybe a little hungover and not at our best but it doesn't matter because it's been such a busy month and finally, it's the first day of a new year, and it's going to be so great - so very great.