The spirit of the season

I realize I've been neglecting this blog and by proxy, the people who read it, who are, in fact, my favorite people, because of the good they do for my ego and, more importantly, because they, unlike my parents who, still, do not read, care to see what is going on in my sometimes very boring life. I haven't stopped writing recently because nothing's going on but instead because too much is going on. Christmas shopping and then shopping again and then thinking about shopping and how I need to do more of it until I find myself stressed, frenzied, but you can't give into that, because it's Christmas, and everything is better at this time of year. And the thing is, as sarcastic as that sounds, it always ends up being true. J reminds me, over and over again, that "everything is awesome," and once I take a step back and realize the triviality of what I'm worried about (and also, how much I have to be happy about), I come to my senses.

I've also been working more, and just doing more in general. There's this false sense of urgency - I don't know if anyone else feels it - that by 2007, well, I better be in pretty good shape in order to start the new year off right. Get the cat to the vet - the cat, who seems to have an ear infection, who I swore I'd never take to the vet again, because, I swear, having someone stick a Q-tip in his anus and then charge me $175, well, that doesn't seem like it's really worth it, you know?

Get the house all cleaned up because when we come back from the holiday and the parties and just potentially being messy and tired in general, I want to return to someplace clean.

Get my own body in order. After the recent hip debacle I decided to take myself to another doctor at UNC and am glad I did because the experience was completely different than my first, and in only good ways. Even in that I arrived early enough so as not to have to park illegally and run, crazily, to make my appointment on time, arrive sweaty and out of breath, my normal protocol for both doctor's appointments and job interviews. And when I did arrive, on time, with a good book for the waiting room, calm and open-minded, the doctor listened to every word I said, decided I certainly did not need an MRI, examined me, diagnosed me and sent me to physical therapy. Physical therapy! Which I love because they're going to try to make me better, and try to find out what, exactly is wrong, so that we can prevent it in the future. And my physical therapy office, located in always-quirky Carrboro, includes two dogs who spend their days there, and a constant stream of good music playing. Dogs!

So what I'm trying to say is I haven't been writing because I've been busy, and no doubt you all have not been pining away for blog posts, as you've been busy too. It's the nature of the season. And as much as it drives me crazy, I still long for it every year, am so excited for Christmas, which obviously means it is wonderful in ways more powerful than it is stressful, and anyway, when it does get stressful, you're never too far from a drink or candy during this festive season, so it all works out alright.