"I Love New York" (or: Now THAT'S Entertainment!)

I just hope everyone has caught "I Love New York," the new series on VH1, featuring Flavor Flav's most notorious jilted lover from his very own bachelor-esque reality series, "The Flavor of Love." This show is pretty much the same storyline, except obviously in this one, it's a girl, New York, who likes to chain smoke and yell and wear glittery eye shadow and low cut metallic tops, and (bonus points!) her mom, who likes to do the same things, who are queens of the castle, working hard to pick New York's life partner from a lineup of charming young men, who are nicknamed things like "T-bone" and "Pootie."

I just hope you all are watching and truly enjoying as I am. If this show isn't classy, I don't know what is.